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Music World Kids – Welcome to the instrumentsparadise

Musikweltkinder – Welcome to the instrumentsparadise

The (courseoffer) „Musicworldkids“ is specifically made for pre-school and elementary school kids at an age of 5-6 years in the transitional phase between kindergarten and elementary school.

Goal of the self-designed class, which lasts 1 year, is to help teach the kids a wide range of musical competences as well as supporting the personality development.

The class includes 3 learnfields:

Exploring different instruments

The class participants learn the basic principles of using it and how the sound is being produced by the instrument. There are 10 instruments of different types: drumming-, keyboard-, plucked-, string-,  brass-, and woodwindinstruments.

Through that, the kids will receive practical experience with as a lot of different instruments.

If they have a basic knowledge of those certain instruments it will be easier for them to decide which instrument they want to learn.

Acquire knowledge

Based on worksheets, the team will learn about the most important attributes of the instrument. How does the instrument produce the sound, what materials have been used, where is the instrument originally from? The kids will receive a great knowledge about those instruments.

Experience diversity

The class participants sing and listen to songs of many different genres and epochs, as well as different countrys and cultures. Artists and concerthalls out of the whole world will be visited “virtually” and watched with a beamer on a big screen.

The class participants experience the whole diversity of music, how to apply it and through that they receive impulses for their own musical career.

More Information

The class is one year long and is a group- and team experience. There is a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 10 kids.

Goals of the class

  • teaching musical competences
  • supporting the personality development

Every class is 55 minutes long. The parents will always be included in the class during the last 10 minutes.

The last day of the class will be the emotional highlight.

The “Musicworldkidsday” will be there for the kids to present their adventures and newly acquired abilities through playing songs and presentations.

They will be in charge of the presentation for their parents, siblings and friends.

They receive a “Musicworldkids” certificate, which will let them look back on their education with pride.

The class will be documented in the (Ausbildungspass) of our musicschool.

Your teacher for Musicworldkids is Christiane Maier, she designed the class herself.