Mein Sohn ist sehr zufrieden gewesen. Es hat ihm alles sehr…

... und er war ganz stolz, dass er alleine was spielen… mehr »

Unsere Tochter hatte im Ferienworkshop sehr viel Spaß

Herr Troumi ist ein netter freundlicher Lehrer, der auf die Kinder eingeht. Er versteht es, das… mehr »

Sehr schöne Stimmung ...

... ich hatte noch nie so gelöste Kinder. Frau Maier ist eine sehr einfühlsame, nette Frau,… mehr »

Gelungener Workshop. Netter Lehrer ...

... meine Tochter war begeistert. Gerne jederzeit wieder, wenn ein Kurs… mehr »

O. war begeistert und wir beeindruckt, was alles ...

.... in einer Woche erlernt werden kann. Vielen Dank für die… mehr »

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We want to develop a love for music, a love for the whole life. For this one reason our whole musicschoolteam is working together hand in hand  - with a lot of passion.

We accompany the teenagers on their musical way with qualified musicteachers in all kinds of different genres.

Their job is to teach musical knowledge as well as technical know-how. It is also really important for us to support the social and personality skills of all teenagers. Skills that are so incredibly indispensable for the development of a soon to be grown up.

In addition to the regular instrumentclasses we offer muscial work that support the team spirit and possibilities to participate in musicprojects.

Since we have so many teachers with great qualifications we are able to prepare talented students to study music later on in their life.

The whole musical career can be documented in the (Ausbildungspass) of our music school. The students often show it next to their applications for internships or jobs. It shows how active they actually were in their muscial education.