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Music School Project Haiti

The municipality of Aquin in the South Department of Haiti lies about 138 km away from Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. There the documentary filmmaker Claudette Coulanges travels every year to speed up the projects initiated there.

She is a Haitian, lives in Berlin and has founded there the association "Haiti ProjectEducation" which has begun projects in the provincial town of Aquin and their surroundings already before the disastrous earthquake in Haiti to allow a perspective to the population fleeing from the capital. Projects are, for example:

  • Training and education of children and youngsters
  • Prevention of early pregnancies, AIDS and infection illnesses
  • Education to the forest plantation area of the environment
  • Support of small farmers to protect their food

The next project planned currently is a music school project which we support financially and with our actions.

We would like to purchase instruments, train music teacher and initiate music school projects. In the mid term, we would to help furnish a music school.

We believe music should be used to help give children courage and activities to help them overcome their traumatic experiences of the earthquake disaster.

In 2010, we have already financed the project with a keyboard, 91 flutes and many different sheets of music for the students which have already arrived at Aquin further information moreover ».

We want to provide even more assistance in 2011, e.g., with the help of our aid programme "music", we want to collect even more money for the project see further information moreover ».

We would be very glad if you helped our efforts with your donations to our foundation, information included below, - the best thanks for this.


Your Christiane Maier

Further Information

  • Haiti ProjectEducation inc. is registered as a charitable association in Germany and Haiti. In Germany at the number STNR 9019/382952 and in Haiti under STC-04583.
  • Cooperation partners preplace in Haiti are the available school of L'?cole of the Soeurs de la Charit? de Saint Louis.
  • Up to now partners and sponsors are the world prayer day of the women - the German committee, the foundation Connaissance et Libert? (FOCAL), the German message of Haiti and the Haitian Ministry of the Interior.
Claudette and Christiane

Christiane visiting Claudette in Berlin 2011 - Good luck Claudette for all of your efforts!
Keep going!